TorrentUs Review (A Free Torrent Website)

torrentusTorrentUs is a torrent website that lets you search through thousands upon thousands of active and verified torrents.

If you're interesting in anonymous torrenting, TorrentUs is a nice pick because it's super easy to use. It has a unified search box that shows a results list and a small green checkmark if the torrent has been verified as being accurate. It's important to have verified torrents so you're not wasting you time and bandwidth on an invalid torrent.

Inside each torrent category are further subcategories that help you find exactly what you're looking for, like fantasy and horror movies, wallpapers, Windows and Mac software, wallpapers, and fiction books.

Important: You have to download the "TorrentUs binary client" from their website so you can get a password to login and download torrents. If you don't want to do that, 1337x is an alternative torrent website that you don't have to login to in order to use it.

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  • Sign in required
  • Can leave feedback by rating torrents and leaving comments
  • Has indexed 22,000,000+ torrent files
  • Over 4,000,000+ torrent files have been verified
Note: If you don't have a torrent program to download torrents from TorrentUs, see this list of free ones.

Basic Information

There are 10 main categories at TorrentUs, and numerous subcategories.

Torrent Categories at TorrentUs:
  • Movies
    • Action, fantasy, horror, mystery, biography, comedy, drama, family, and many more
  • Games
    • PC, iOS, Android, Mac, Xbox, and more
  • Music
    • Dance, house, metal, pop, and more
  • Software
    • Mac, Windows, handheld, and more
  • Books
    • Academic, comics, fiction, magazines, and others
  • TV Shows
    • Animation, series, shows, etc.
  • Mobile Video
    • iPad, PDA, and more
  • Other
    • Covers, pictures, and wallpapers, among others
  • Anime

Remember to Keep Your Computer Secure

It's important to make sure you have a virus scanner on hand. One that's always running would be ideal, but an on-demand scanner works too.

See my list of professional antivirus programs for a paid program or my list of portable antivirus scanners for a free virus scanner.

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