1337X Review

1337X is a torrent website that organizes torrent files by featured, international, most popular this week, and other categories.

There are popular torrent categories at 1337X and the ability to view the most popular torrents in several categories like movies and music.

Note: See my torrent downloading walkthrough if you're not sure how to download and use torrents.

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Torrent Categories


Side Note: If you don't have a torrent program to download torrents from 1337X, see this list of free ones.

Anonymous Torrent Downloads

There isn't an innate feature in 1337X that allows for anonymous torrents, as it's a website and not a service. However, a VPN service can be used to download and upload torrents anonymously.

Pick from one of these VPN services to find one that allows P2P traffic, like Kepard, and then use 1337X to download torrents. There are both paid and free VPN services you can find and setup quickly.

Virus Scanning

It's important to make sure you have a virus scanner on hand. One that's always running would be ideal, but an on-demand scanner works too.

See my list of professional antivirus programs for a paid program or my list of portable antivirus scanners for a free virus scanner. There's also a nice list of free antivirus software from this list.