23 Free Portable Virus Scanners

Antivirus programs are very important to ward off viruses and other types of malicious items. If you don't want to install antivirus software, check out these free portable antivirus programs that can run without being installed.

Realize that some of these programs may need to be unzipped, so see this list of free file unzippers to find a program that can extract compressed files.

Note: If you want something more permanent, see some reviews of professional antivirus software.

1. ClamWin Portable


ClamWin Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:
  • Scheduled virus scans
  • Automatic definition updates
  • Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to scan email messages
  • Scan just folders or individual files

Download ClamWin Portable for Free

2. Kaspersky TDSKiller Portable


Kaspersky TDSKiller Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Scans and removes rootkits
  • Can fight against many malicious programs (view them all on Kaspersky's website)

Download Kaspersky TDSKiller Portable for Free

3. McAfee Stinger Portable


McAfee Stinger Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Detects many different virus variants

Download McAfee Stinger Portable for Free

4. Spybot - Search & Destroy Portable


Spybot - Search & Destroy Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Scan and removes malware and rootkits
  • Immunize system
  • Only one update per week

Download Spybot - Search & Destroy Portable for Free

5. HijackThis Portable


HijackThis Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Scan registry for possible unsafe changes

Download HijackThis Portable for Free

6. Remove Fake Antivirus

Remove Fake Antivirus Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Remove programs that pretend to be real antivirus software

Download Remove Fake Antivirus for Free

7. Comodo Cleaning Essentials


Comodo Cleaning Essentials Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Stop untrusted processes
  • Remove rootkits, hidden files, and malicious registry keys
  • Run a Smart Scan, Full Scan, or Custom Scan to scan just memory, boot sector, critical areas, hidden registry objects, or hidden files and folders on any attached drive

8. Norton Power Eraser


Norton Power Eraser Free Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:

  • Rootkit scanner
  • Run a Norton Cloud lookup on a file or folder, which uploads data online to do a scan
  • Start a system scan of the drive that has Windows installed
  • Can also scan another drive if you have multiple operating systems installed

9. Trend Micro HouseCall


Trend Micro HouseCall Portable Antivirus Scanner Features:
  • Full scan, custom scan, and quick scan options
  • Find viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware

More Free Portable Antivirus Programs

In addition to the above, here are several more virus scanners you can try that are completely portable and free:

Contact me if you know of any others or find any issues with these.