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Driver Booster: Pro vs Free

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How to Get Free Virtual Burner Debit Cards

Note: See my updated review of here.

Privacy is the name of a company that can create permanent or temporary, virtual debit cards that have predefined spending limits that are set by you. Unlike prepaid cards, however, they aren't loaded with money but instead charge your bank account with each use.

You can pause or delete these virtual cards whenever you like, and they work anywhere that Visa cards are supported, which is basically everywhere online.

The main idea behind this service is to make sure that your payment accounts are not used inappropriately. There's more information that below.

If you decide not use the card, you can easily delete it to make it no longer useful anywhere. This is particularly useful if your card is configured to be used on a monthly or yearly basis. If you don't want to pay for the subscription any longer, just delete the card.

After you make the card, you'll be given the full debit card number, expiration date, and CVV number …

1337x Review (A Free Torrent Website)

1337x is a torrent website that organizes torrent files by featured, international, most popular this week, and other categories.

There are popular torrent categories at 1337x and the ability to view the most popular torrents in several categories like movies and music.

Driver Booster 6 Pro Review (25% Discount Code)

Driver Booster Pro is by far my favorite driver updater program. The software is from IObit, a company with lots of awesome free and paid software.

This device driver updater can automatically find new drivers and even update them for you, which is something not all driver updaters support. In fact, some driver download websites or tools will only tell you what needs updated but won't download or update the software like Driver Booster Pro will.

Driver updates are downloaded at max speed and it always seems to find all the outdated drivers on my computer. When it's time to update them, just click one button and they'll be downloaded and installed for you.

It doesn't just find driver updates, though, since it also supports updating game components like DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, PhysX, etc.

Current version: 6
Current price: USD $22.95 (or $17.21 with the coupon code below)
Works with: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Purchase link:Driver Booster Pro (1 year subs…

Top 5 Apps for Sending Money Online (With Zero Fees)

There are numerous ways to send money online, making it as simple as a few taps to pay a friend back, charge someone for something, split a restaurant bill, loan some money, etc.

However, not all money sending apps are free to use. While some might appear free at first since they let you send money to others and receive money yourself, you might need to pay a small fee when it comes time to actually transfer the money into your bank.
The money sending apps I've listed below are 100% free to use. They do not charge fees to send money, to receive money, or to withdraw your money (in most situations). Plus, you may even have a few of these on your phone right now, putting you just minutes away from sending money.

What's more is that some of these money sending services support card-to-card transfers, meaning you don't need to worry about hooking up your bank, waiting for verification deposits, etc.
Cash App
My personal favorite way to send money is with the Cash app from Squ…

How to Cast Music From Your PC to Your Chromecast

What good is your music collection if you can only listen to it on your computer? If you have a Chromecast, you can throw your whole iTunes collection (or any other music files) to your TV using the free VLC program.

VLC is great for casting not only music but also videos. The steps below are specific to casting your iTunes folder, but follow these steps if you want to watch movies on your TV with VLC.
How to Send Music to Your Chromecast From Your DesktopDownload and install the latest version of VLC.Go to the Playback > Renderer menu in VLC like you see in the screenshot above, and choose your Chromecast from the list.Open the music you want to play on your TV. If you're going to stream iTunes music, go to Media > Open Folder... and select "C:\Users\<username>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media" as the folder.Choose Select Folder to import all of those songs into VLC.Now just hit play or use the shuffle button to start playing those songs on your TV.

PIA VPN Review (Updated for 2019)

Private Internet Access (PIA) definitely ranks high in my list of VPN services. All the features are wonderful, it's easy to use, and it's very cheap when you compare it to similar services.

Even though the company is US-based, it has thousands of servers located across more than 20 countries, and you can switch between the countries as many times as you want (which you won't see with every other VPN service out there). Plus, you can use your account on multiple devices at once!

I use Private Internet Access for my two computers and iPhone, but don't buy it just because I recommend it. Look through this review to see the features to make an informed decision.

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