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My favorite way to download torrents is to use Yes, there is a fee to use it but I think the cost is completely worth it.

There are multiple reasons this is my favorite torrent downloader, which I'll explain below. However, if you want just one reason, consider that you can download torrents through your web browser without a desktop client, from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Another cool thing about is that if you use it while connected to a VPN service, you're essentially downloading torrents anonymously.


Note: is very similar to Compare the two with my review of

How Works

This website is so easy to use that it's no wonder you have to pay for it to use it. All you have to do is login to your account and paste the torrent or magnet link to have start loading it up for you to download or stream. Or, you can upload your own .TORRENT file.

Since you download have to download a torrent client to use, you also don't have to worry about seeding/sharing the torrent files. handles that on their side, and you can always stop it from seeding a file if you want to - it won't affect your download speed.

Here's a screenshot showing how to paste a torrent URL directly into You can paste multiple links at once and then just click the START TRANSFERS button to start loading them. 

After you click that button, will either load a cached version of the file (if other users were recently requesting the same torrent) or it will spend time uploading the torrent data to your account for you. has an RSS feature so you can have it automatically load torrents into your account as they become available, which is super handy. For example, if you add an RSS feed for a TV show, will periodically check it for updates and then load those video files directly into your account without you having to click anything. also serves as a regular file storage service, which means you can upload your own non-torrent files to your account to keep a backup of your data online.

Here are some more important features to know about:

  • can be used to download all types of torrent files, including software, games, document files, audio books, images, etc.
  • You can stream your torrent media files from your account
  • A history of your torrent files are kept (you can clear it anytime you want)
  • You can setup your payments to renew automatically if you pay with a credit card
  • It's easy to extend your subscription by a month or year at any time, as well as downgrade or upgrade your account to a smaller/larger storage plan
  • The option to remember where you left off watching a video is available in the settings
  • A default folder can be chosen for all your new torrent downloads (downloads into your account, not your computer)
  • You can easily share files with other users that you add as friends
  • Subtitles can be loaded with your video files
  • You can convert video files to MP4 and save the new MP4 file in your account, as well as download it to your computer
  • Multiple torrent files can be downloaded in a single ZIP archive
  • A list of download URLs can be fetched from your files so you can download all of them with a download manager
  • Your files can be sorted by name, size, date, and file type
  • can be used with Pushover to alert you when your file are ready to be downloaded or streamed
  • It's easy to search through your whole account with the search bar at the top of the page
  • They have an amazing support team that always gets back with me within a day's time

How Much Costs is pretty cheap for what you get, which is why I've been subscribed for years. You can pick from three different plans that offer varying amounts of storage space, and pay different amounts of time.

Storage Space 100 GB 500 GB 1 TB
Torrent Slots 10 20 50
30 Days $9.99 $19.99 $29.99
365 Days $99 $199 $299

Note: There's actually a fourth plan that's just for one day if that's all you really need. The cost for that is $1.00, which is perfect if you want to try out the service without committing to a monthly or yearly plan.

I use the 100 GB plan because I never need more than that at once. I actually could deal with much less storage but I choose it because I certainly don't need more. Since I pay for a whole year at once, my monthly equivalent is $8.25 /month, which as you can see is cheaper than paying monthly for a year.

To save money, you might consider buying a full year at once. For instance, if you did what I do, which comes to $8.25 /month, it's cheaper than paying monthly at $9.99.

You can pay for using a credit/debit card, gift card, Bitcoin, or Amazon.

Use a VPN With For Anonymous Torrenting works through a browser, which means the traffic is registered as regular HTTP traffic and not P2P torrent traffic. Because of this, you can download and upload files to your account anonymously.

Look through my list of free and paid VPN services for some of my favorites. I use Private Internet Access (PIA) because it's cheap and pretty simple to understand.


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