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Feb 28, 2014

22 Working Torrent Sites (March 2018)

Updated March, 2018

A torrent website lets you download torrent files and/or magnet links. You can find free audio books, free movies, free music, free software, free games... you name it.

Tip: See these free YouTube to MP3 converters if you want to download free MP3s the easy way.

Torrent websites seem to be pretty volatile, so while one might be working one day, it could very well be down the next. All of the torrent sites below were working as of February.

Want to download torrents anonymously? See this price comparison of VPN services to find a cheap VPN service (not all of them support torrents).

Also, ensure you have a good antivirus program to combat any viruses you could get from these torrent websites. See this list of free portable antivirus software and scan your files frequently.

Important: All of these websites have free, legal torrent downloads, but some of the content is possibly illegal and punishable by law in your area. Keep away from the questionable downloads and stick only to free software/films/etc.

Know of any other torrent websites? Are one of these domains no longer active? Let me know!