Use As A Free Web Proxy

If accessing a proxy has become troublesome due to known proxies being blocked by your place of business, consider using Google as the tunnel.

Most places don’t block, and therefore is open to work with. Translate a page using Google to display the website within the Translate window, thus running it from and not the original site. This is effectively bypassing any filters present, given Google is allowed on the network.

How to access blocked sites with Google

Begin by choosing a source language other than the actual page’s language. For example, accessing TNLplanet through Google translate would be done by selected Japanese as the source and English as the destination language.


Enter the desired URL that should use the proxy and press “Translate.”


The website will show within the Google Translate window. Now notice the URL of the page.…

The displayed website is populating but it’s still under the domain, thus the proxy is working.


Add a bookmarklet

A quick JavaScript command can be used to run any site through the Google Translate window.''+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href))

Copy the above into a new bookmark in your browser and press it to run any current website through this
Google proxy.

Alternative, drag this link into the bookmarks bar for easy access:

Google Translate Proxy