10 Deadly Freak Accidents at Schools

By Amy Cole

Children tend to dread going to school as it brings long boring assignments, confusing teachers, and rude classmates. Not to mention the early wake up time or gross cafeteria food, it is a miracle that anyone graduates. We all looked forward to the day that school ended and we could walk across that stage and out of the daily mundane schedule (only to return to it with any full-time job).

These students never got to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is 12+ years of non-stop education. School transportation, equipment, or even everyday staircases proved fatal in these next horrifying accidents. Now students not only have to fear the unexpected quiz in Geography, but the freak accidents that could happen at any moment.

How to Get Your Photos Edited For Free

Image editing isn't considered "free" unless you do it yourself with an image editor that didn't cost you anything. However, another option is to submit your photos through my Contact page and let me do the editing for you!

I always keep the most recent version of Photoshop and I don't charge anything, so you're not really losing anything by sending me pictures you need edited.

I will do anything from something small like remove an object or brighten a photo, to larger projects like changing colors and teeth whitening or fixing blemishes.

Bitport.io Review (Updated March, 2017)

Bitport.io is an online torrent client much like Put.io. I suggest you take a look at my review of Put.io for a comparison between these two services.

Instead of having to download torrents with a regular torrent downloading program, you can just put the torrent URL or file onto the Bitport.io website and have it fetch the torrent for you. Then, all you have to do is download it like a regular file.

If you get a video or audio file through Bitport.io, you can stream it directly from the website and never have to download anything! There are lots of other neat features below that might encourage you to start using Bitport.io.

Google Wifi Review

Google Wifi
Google Wifi is Google's (amazing) attempt at a home wireless networking system. It works as a mesh system where multiple Wifi points are connected together to provide wireless throughout an entire home without the need for a dedicated wifi extender.

It's simple to setup, looks beautiful on any desk or shelf, and has a fantastic mobile app that makes it a piece of cake to control every aspect of the router.

You'd think that a simple, easy-to-install device would lack the advanced features you can customize in popular routers but that just isn't the case, as you'll see below.

Google Wifi System (single Wifi point) (Amazon)
Google Wifi System (set of 3 Wifi points) (Amazon)

Note: You can buy one Google Wifi system if that's all you need, but if you decide you want to add more to your network later, you can do this by just buying more of them. The Google Wifi app lets you add additional points at any time.

How to Connect Two VPNs Together

Using one VPN service to hide your internet traffic is a great idea, but did you know you can use multiple for even more privacy?

I'll explain below how to use one VPN service (called Private Internet Access) on two operating systems to effectively hide behind two VPNs. For even more privacy, you can connect to a free web proxy to hide all your traffic behind three different IP addresses.