9 Free Ways to Download Music From YouTube

YouTube is great for watching music videos while you're on your computer or mobile device. But what if you want to listen to just the music, and do so even without an Internet connection?

This is when you'd need a YouTube music downloader. The purpose is to convert a YouTube video to just audio, or, in other words, extract the audio from a YouTube video to make an MP3.

Below are several free ways for downloading YouTube music, some of which are online converters and downloaders while others require you to install software to get the MP3.

VPN Services: Price Comparison (January 2015)

I have a list of VPN services you can purchase to better secure your Internet browsing, and the table below serves as an easy way to compare the prices of each of them.

As of right now, the cheapest VPN service from this table is Kepard, coming it at just $2.91 /month if you buy a full year up front.

KepardPrivate Internet AccessTorGuardIPVanish VPNZenVPNhide.me VPNCyberGhost
Updated January 2015ReviewMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info
Monthly Prices
If Paid Every Year$2.91 $3.33 $4.99 $5.52 $4.16 $5.42 $5.83
If Paid Every 6 Months-$5.99 $4.99 --$6.67 -
If Paid Every 4 Months$6.33 -$6.66 ----
If Paid Every 3 Months---$7.56 ---
If Paid Every Month$7.00 $6.95 $9.99 $8.50 $5.95 $10.00 $6.99
If Paid Every Week----$11.80 --

Be sure to visit the full page of VPN services for more information about each website, including any additional plan options, their data transfer and speed limit details, as well as a few other features about each of them.

Note: hide.me VPN and CyberGhost both have alternative plans with different prices and features, so be sure to click the "More Info" link below those services to learn more about that.

Best Free Mobile Financing Apps

Tracking your investments, bills, loans, and other financial-related items can sometimes be a chore. Fortunately, there are numerous free apps out there that you can use on your mobile phone for easy payments, tracking, and monitoring of your accounts.

Below are some examples of my favorite mobile financing apps that are completely free to use, and I'll be adding more as I come across them.

13 Websites That Show Your Public/External IP Address

You public IP address is the address given to you by your ISP. It's the public address that hits web servers when you access Internet pages.

In contrast, the private IP address is the address used within your network.

Listed below are several websites for finding your public (external) IP address. You only need one to find the address, but I've listed several in case one of them is down.

How to Use Torrents Anonymously

If you're worried about your privacy when using torrents, it may be necessary to learn how to download and upload torrents anonymously (e.g. anonymous torrenting).

Government spying and ISP tracking and logging can become so overwhelming that you assume all your Internet traffic is being watched. It's time to stop worrying and sign up for a VPN service that can shield your activity.

Read on to see what it means to be anonymous, what VPN service to choose, and what you need to get started.