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Top 5 Apps for Sending Money Online (With Zero Fees)

There are numerous ways to send money online, making it as simple as a few taps to pay a friend back, charge someone for something, split a restaurant bill, loan some money, etc.

However, not all money sending apps are free to use. While some might appear free at first since they let you send money to others and receive money yourself, you might need to pay a small fee when it comes time to actually transfer the money into your bank.

The money sending apps I've listed below are 100% free to use. They do not charge fees to send money, to receive money, or to withdraw your money (in most situations). Plus, you may even have a few of these on your phone right now, putting you just minutes away from sending money.

What's more is that some of these money sending services support card-to-card transfers, meaning you don't need to worry about hooking up your bank, waiting for verification deposits, etc.

Cash App

My personal favorite way to send money is with the Cash app from Square. One reason I use it so often, and why it tops this list, is because you can send money to people just by entering in your debit card number.

However, once you and the recipient are using Cash with your own respective accounts, sending and receiving money is incredibly simple from both the app and from the website.

When you set up your account, you can make what's called a Cashtag to make the whole process really easy for everyone involved. For example, my cashtag is $jongfisher, so you could money straight to my Cash account from the$jongfisher URL.

Another neat feature I like about Cash is that they offer a free debit card that's tied to your account that you can use like any Visa card. If you have money in your Cash account, whether money you added there or money someone sent you, you can easily use it with the Cash debit card.

The Cash app is free for iOS and Android.

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Messenger App

Facebook's Messenger app is likely one of the easiest ways to send money online for free because you're probably already using Messenger to text your Facebook friends.

To send and receive money through Facebook Messenger, start by opening a conversation with the person you want to exchange with. Tap the small plus sign to the left of the chat box, and then tap Payments from that pop-up menu. Enter a numerical figure, add a note if you want to describe what the payment or request is for, and then tap Request or Pay.

Getting paid, or sending payments, through Facebook is also possible from the website at Use the money icon below the chat box to get started.

Messenger is a true card-to-card payment app because you don't need to add your bank information. Just enter your debit card details or connect your PayPal account, and you can send and receive money in seconds.

Messenger is free for iOS and Android.


PayPal is the classic way to send money online, and I've added it here not because it's so popular and definitely has its place in this arena, but because it's actually really easy to use and works perfect for me each time I use it.

However, it isn't as easy to set up as some of the apps I mentioned above because you do need to connect your bank account to PayPal in order to transfer money to and from your bank - a debit card isn't enough.

However, if you need some incentive to get a PayPal account, know that lots of online retailers have PayPal integrated into the checkout process, meaning that if you have an account, you can easily just checkout with PayPal by logging in to your account to safely and easily buy things online.

You can send money through PayPal with no fees so long as your use your bank information for the transfer, and as long as the recipient lives in an area in the world where there are no fees (US to US transfers are free, and so are many others).

Another place to watch out for fees with PayPal is when you withdraw money into your bank; make sure to not pick any sort of "instant" transfer option or you might be charged a fee. However, PayPal is really good at telling you how much they're charging before you make any commitments, so just watch out for those warning messages.

You can use PayPal from their website at as well as through the iOS and Android app.

Google Pay

Google Pay (previously known as Google Wallet) is, of course, Google's method of transferring money online. It works by attaching one or more bank accounts to your Google account, and then sending money by entering a recipient's email address or phone number.

The recipient can receive money to their Google Pay account where they can hold it there and use it for other transfers, or they can withdraw it to their own bank account.

If you have multiple banks attached to your account, you can choose one to be the auto-withdraw account so that any money sent to your Google Pay account is immediately scheduled for release to your bank, or you can pick Google Pay balance as your default "bank" so that all money sent to you will remain in your account until you decide where it goes.

You can even withdraw some of your money to one bank and the rest to another - it's up to you where it goes and when it leaves.

Google Pay used to have a debit card you could use with your account, much like Cash I mentioned above, but this is no longer an option.

You can use Google Pay online from their website or with the iOS or Android app.


Zelle is an interesting money sending app because it provides near-instant bank-to-bank transfers. It does this using your debit card number, meaning you don't need to hassle with adding your bank info.

The sign up procedure is as easy as adding your debit card number to the app, and sending money involves typing an email address or phone number of another Zelle user.

However, you can only attach one debit card number per account, so you can only use Zelle with one of your banks at a time.

The Zelle app is used to send money but some bank apps, like Bank of America and several others, have Zelle built right into their app and website. This means you might already have this feature just a few clicks away from use.

You can check on the Zelle website to see if your bank has built-in support for Zelle, but even if they don't, just download the iOS or Android app to set up your account manually using your debit card.

Other Free Money Sending Apps

Looking for some other options? Venmo and Oppa are two other free apps that let you send and receive money straight from your phone.

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