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44 VPN Services (Free & Paid)

Anonymity is much desired nowadays with government spying and ISP logging. It's important to secure yourself with a VPN (or even two) so you can bypass issues like that and have a fully secure browsing experience.

Skip ahead: Quickly compare the prices of these VPN services with this table: VPN Services: Price Comparison. Some are even great for anonymous torrenting

Because VPN services encrypt and secure your data, it also masks your identity to make it seem as if you're accessing the web from a different location. This means you can access blocked websites like Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and many others. If your ISP blocks torrents, for instance, a VPN service can bypass the restriction.

Tip: Look to the very bottom of this article to find dozens of free VPN services. Let me know if you find any incorrect information or would like an additional service listed.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a VPN service from London Trust Media, Inc. with some really great features, hosted on a multi-gigabit network, all for as low as $2.91 /month.

You're given a one-click solution to connecting to a VPN and support for port forwarding. You can connect to up to 5 devices at the same time with your account and even use P2P programs like those used for downloading torrents.

Private Internet Access will automatically find the best server for you and then select one of the available countries to connect you through. Over a thousand gateways are included in their network (in the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, and more) and there's 24/7 VPN support.

Data usage: Unlimited
Speed limit: Unlimited
Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT Routers
Countries/Servers: Over 3,300 servers are located in 16 countries
Server switching: You can switch between countries however often as you like
Log files: Doesn't log any of your data
Free version/Trial: There is no trial or free version available
Refunds available: You can get a full refund within the first 7 days only

Private Internet Access Prices:
  • $2.91 /month (pay $69.95 every two years)
  • $3.33 /month (pay $39.95 yearly)
  • $6.95 /month (pay monthly)

I use Private Internet Access for myself, and it works great on both my iPhone and the two computers I've installed it to.


Kepard offers a VPN service with an unlimited transfer speed and no cap on monthly bandwidth for all users. The lowest available plan comes out to be $2.91 /month if you pay for a whole year at once.

You're able to connect/disconnect from a VPN server with a single click and quickly change the location with ease. If you lose your connection to a Kepard server, the software will prompt you to reconnect, which is handy so you're not left using your regular IP without knowing it.

Kepard updates new server locations automatically, without any intervention on your part, allows torrent and other P2P traffic, and even permits using your account from two locations at once on two different devices.

Data transfer: Unlimited traffic
Speed limit: Unlimited speeds
Supported devices: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Countries/Servers: 8 different countries
Log files: Some logging
Free version/Trial: 1 day trial; 180 days free through friend referrals
Kepard prices:

  • $2.91 /month (pay $35.00 yearly)
  • $6.33 /month (pay $19.00 every three months)
  • $7.00 /month (pay monthly)


TorGuard is a VPN service that supports P2P traffic, like torrents, and can be used on up to 5 devices at the same time using just one account.

TorGuard advertises as "100% Server Uptime," supports over 18 countries, and doesn't keep a trace of your activity in the form of log files.

Everything is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and your IP address is completely anonymous.

There's also a similar plan available at TorGuard for torrent users but the prices are different than these here.

Data Transfer: Unlimited
Speed Limit: Unlimited
Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Countries/Servers: 1200+ servers in over 42 countries
Logging: No traffic logs are stored on their servers

TorGuard Prices:
  • $4.99 /month (pay $59.99 for a whole year)
  • $9.99 /month (pay monthly)

IPVanish VPN

Sign up with IPVanish VPN to have access to zero data throttling, unlimited server switching, and unfiltered P2P traffic.

You can use IPVanish VPN with either one or two devices simultaneously. This means you and a friend can use your account, split the costs, and have access to a premium VPN service that doesn't restrict your bandwidth.

Some of the countries you can disguise your location as is Finland, Indonesia, Canada, United States, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, and many others.

Instead of using a regular device to setup IPVanish VPN, you can also buy a special router that filters all your network traffic through a VPN, even gaming systems and smart TVs.

Data Transfer: Unlimited
Speed Limit: Unlimited
Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Routers
Countries/Servers: Over 400 servers located in several continents
Logging: Log files are not stored on their servers

IPVanish VPN Prices:
  • $6.49 /month (pay $77.99 for an entire year at once)
  • $8.99 /month (pay $26.99 for three months up front)
  • $10.00 /month (pay monthly)


ZenVPN offers two plans - one for people who use lots of traffic and another for people who don't need a full, unlimited plan.

The first plan is called ZenVPN Standard and caps out at 5 GB /day, which should actually be plenty for casual browsing. If you're planning on downloading lots of files through this VPN, then maybe the ZenVPN Unlimited plan is more appropriate.

With either plan, you have the flexibility to commit to a one week period only instead of a month or year. However, if you look at the table below you'll see that you end up paying more over a month long period unless you stick to the monthly or yearly schedule.

Setting up ZenVPN is super simple because the setup files are included in a single bundle to make it unnecessary to have to configure anything.

ZenVPN supports P2P traffic if you want to use it for transferring data like torrents.

Data Transfer: Unlimited or 5 GB /day (see table below)
Speed Limit: Unlimited 
Countries/Servers: Over 15 countries are supported
Logging: Doesn't log any of your activity

$4.16 /month (pay $49.95 yearly)

$5.95 /month (pay monthly)

~$11.80 /month (pay $2.95 /week)
$7.95 /month (pay $95.50 yearly)

$9.95 /month (pay monthly)

~$23.80 /month (pay $5.95 /week)
Data Transfer:
5 GB /day

Sign Up For ZenVPN VPN

Two different plans are offered by VPN. You can go with a cheaper plan that allows 75 GB of data every month or choose one that lets you upload/download an unlimited amount of data.

You're able to pay for VPN on a monthy or yearly routine, as well as once every 6 months.

I like that VPN is amendment about expressing how little they keep log files. They say: "We strictly do not log any personal data to avoid legal liability, and to ensure your online privacy. Furthermore we do not store any logfile on our VPN servers, it's not our job to monitor or filter your data." - which is great for those of you that are a bit nervous about transferring email and other files over a VPN.

The Premium plan allows for 5 simultaneous connections from your account, whereas the Plus plan allows for just 1.

Data Transfer: Unlimited or 75 GB /month (see table below)
Speed Limit: Unlimited
Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, Routers
Countries/Servers: 28 unique countries with their own servers
Logging: Absolutely no logging of personal data

$5.42 /month (pay $65 /yearly)

$6.67 /month (pay $40 every 6 months)

$10 /month (pay monthly)
$11.67 /month (pay $140.00 yearly)

$14.17 /month (pay $85.00 every 6 months)

$20.00 /month (pay monthly)
Data Transfer:
75 GB /month


  • Plus plan doesn't support port forwarding

Sign Up For VPN


CyberGhost has two VPN service plans that differ only slightly. One plan, Premium, has all the same features as the Premium Plus plan except that it only allows for 1 device, whereas the other accepts 5.

If you're only needing to use CyberGhost for a VPN on one computer, the cheaper plan is perfect because it's rather cheap at only $5.83 a month.

Some of the servers CyberGhost connects you to allow P2P traffic while others don't.

You can use CyberGhost on any of the below devices, including routers with firmware that supports an OpenVPN client.

Data Transfer: Unlimited
Speed Limit: Unlimited
Supported devices: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Router, Chrome OS
Countries/Servers: 30 countries are available, with 500+ servers
Logging: No logging of personal data is performed

Premium Plus
$5.83 /month (pay $69.99 yearly)

$6.99 /month (pay monthly)
$9.17 /month (pay $109.99 yearly)

$10.99 /month (pay monthly)
Number of devices:

Sign Up For CyberGhost

More Paid VPN Services:

  • SwitchVPN
    • Get this service for as low as $6.66 when you pay for 12 months. Get on the month-to-month plan to pay $9.95 /month
  • Overplay
    • Pay $9.95 for each month you want the VPN, or get a year at once ($99.95) for the equivalent of $8.33 /month
  • VyprVPN
    • The most basic plan here is $9.99 /month.
  • PureVPN
    • Buy PureVPN on a month-to-month plan for $9.95 /month, get 6 months at once for what's equal to $7.49 /month, or grab an entire year up front for as little as $4.16 /month (when you pay for the whole year at around $50)
  • VPNSecure
    • 12 months of this VPN service brings the price down to $7.50 for each month, or you can pay for each month individually without a commitment for $9.95 /month
  • VPNNinja
    • As little as $3 /week without commitment, or $4.83 for a year at once
  • NordVPN
    • The Simple plan bills you $8 for each month, or you can go with the annual plan and get 12 months for what's essentially $4 each and every month.
  • StrongVPN
    • Cheapest plan is either $7 /month if you purchase a year at once. The Lite plan is only $7.95 on a month-to-month basis
  • VPN Unlimited
    • Several pricing options, including a 10-day Vacation plan for $1.99, a 3-year Premium plan for $64.99 /year ($1.81 /month), and an Infinity plan that gives you lifetime access to the VPN service for a mere $99.99 (use it for 5 years and the total price per month would have been equivalent to $1.67 /month)

28 Free VPN Services

Below are dozens of free VPN services (not trials). Some of them have plans with greater features that you can optionally pay for. I'll have more information on these at some point in the future, but for now it still serves as a nice big list that you can use as a starting point.

Service Traffic Max Speed Keeps Logs Ads Disconnects More Info
Faceless.ME 2 GB /month No A*
CyberGhost No Yes Yes (3 hrs) B*
VPN Gate
proXPN 0.3 Mbps No
OkayFreedom 2 GB /month Yes
Hideman 2 GB /month 0.5 Mbps Yes (2 weeks)
FinchVPN 3 GB /month 1 Mbps+
SecurityKISS 8.7 GB /month
(via 300 MB /day)
Yes (10 days)
Hola No
VPNReactor 1 Mbps+
TunnelBear 0.5 GB /month

If you find any issues with the above list or would like another service added or reviewed, please contact me.

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