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Under $50: Top 3 Smart Watches

A cheap smartwatch? It might not sound appealing but you can still get a lot out of an inexpensive smart watch even if it's not as pricey as the huge name-brand ones.

A smartwatch is like a phone-watch combo. They're great for kids and adults alike and can often do things like make and receive phone calls, check social media sites, put text messages right on your wrist, track your exercise habits, and lots more.

Below are some of the best and highest rated smartwatches on Amazon, and even though they include tons of awesome features, each are less than $50.

Note: Before buying one of these smartwatches, be sure to read through the descriptions and reviews on Amazon so that you can make sure that your phone or tablet can work with the watch and so that you can see what others are saying about the watch.

ASOON's Smart Cell Phone Smartwatch

One of the most highly rated and cheap smartwatches on Amazon is this one from ASOON. It's stylish and, at first glance, looks like nothing more than a fancy watch, but behind the scenes are some killer features.

Before we get into the features, know that this smartwatch often averages 5/5 stars on Amazon. You can look through the 100+ reviews there to see just how much customers are loving this watch.

ASOON's cheap smartwatch includes a rechargeable battery that takes just one hour to charge but can apparently support three hours of call time, six hours of music playback, and one week of standby time.

Here are some of this watch's primary selling points:
  • Works with Android phones and tablets
  • Includes a built-in HD camera
  • Made of an anti-perspirant, rubber material
  • Supports a 2G SIM card to make calls and send/receive texts, but even without one, it can connect to an Android device over Bluetooth to do the same thing
  • Monitors your walking and sleeping habits
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Adhope's Unlocked Smartwatch

Another 5-star, cheap smartwatch on Amazon is Adhope's waterproof smartwatch with an unlocked SIM that works with both iPhone and Android devices over Bluetooth.

This inexpensive smartwatch seems to be marketed toward kids but it's equally useful for adults given that it has a sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, calorie counter, music playback feature, and more.

Below are some more features included in this smartwatch deal from Adhope, but before you pick this one up, consider reading the 200+ comments on Amazon for some real customer reviews.

Let's not forget these features worth mentioning:
  • Can dial a number straight from the watch
  • Access photos from your phone remotely through the watch
  • Two-way lost device finder (find your watch or your phone)
  • Stainless steel and waterproof material
  • 2-day estimated use time before a recharge is necessary
  • Includes a voice recorder
  • Extra battery included
  • Lifetime product guarantee
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JoyGeek Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

You'll absolutely love this cheap smartwatch for appearance alone if you're into minimal designs. It's thin, works for Android and iOS, and encourages you to get fit with all of its trackers and monitors.

For starters, a fitness tracker wouldn't be worth the money if it didn't have a heart rate monitor. Built-in to this smartwatch is not only a heart rate monitor that tracks and records your heart rate 24/7 but also a monitor for specific exercises.

If you like to dance or play football, for instance, you can enter into one of those sports modes to track that activity. This watch also supports trekking, spinning, basketball, and more, and keeps information on calories you burned in the process.

Here are some more features you'll get with this smartwatch:
  • Tracks your location over GPS
  • Monitors your sleep
  • Notifies you of texts and phone calls
  • Reminds you to move when you've been sitting for too long
  • Control your camera and music straight from the watch
  • The clock dial can be changed between multiple designs
  • Has a reported standby time of 5-10 days
  • Charges with the built-in USB port (no cables)
  • Syns activity data to the built-in health app on your Android or iPhone

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