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39 VPN Services and Their Prices Compared

Updated in 2017

I have a large list of free and paid VPN services to better secure your internet browsing. The table below just serves as an easy way to compare the prices of some non-free ones.

Some of these VPN services have alternative plans that are more expensive but come with more features. The prices you see here are the cheapest plans available for each service.

Also, some of these services do not let you download/upload an unlimited amount of data. Choose the "Buy" link next to each service for more information about these things.

  • Cheapest VPN from this list: SecurityKISS ($1.99 /month)
  • Cheapest VPN I've reviewed: Kepard ($2.91 /month)
  • The VPN I use: Private Internet Access ($3.33 /month)
Important: All of these prices are expressed in monthly terms even though some of them can be paid in non-monthly increments. See "How to Read This Table" below for more information.

Service1 Yr6 MonthsMonthlyWeeklyReviewPurchase
Kepard: $3.50 $5.34 $7.00 - Link Buy
PIA: $3.33 $5.99 $6.95 - Link Buy
TorGuard: $5.00 $5.00 $9.99 - - Buy
IPVanish: $6.49 $8.99 $10.00 - - Buy
ZenVPN: $4.16 - $5.95 $11.80 - Buy $4.99 $6.65 $9.95 - - Buy
CyberGhost:  $5.83 - $6.99 - - Buy
SwitchVPN: $6.66 - $9.95 - - Buy
OverPlay: $8.33 - $9.95 - - Buy
VyprVPN: - - $9.95 - - Buy
PureVPN: - $9.00 $11.00 - - Buy
VPNSecure: $6.66 $8.30 $9.95 - - Buy
VPNNinja: $4.83 - $6.00 $12.00 - Buy
NordVPN: $5.75 $7.00 $11.95 - - Buy
StrongVPN: $5.83 $8.00 $10.00 - - Buy
ExpressVPN: $8.32 $9.99 $12.95 - - Buy
Buffered VPN: $7.75 $9.99 $12.99 - - Buy
Hide My Ass!: $4.99 $6.66 $9.99 - - Buy
Astrill VPN: $5.83 $6.66 - - - Buy
LiquidVPN: $4.75 - $7.00 - - Buy
Privatoria: $2.74 $3.83 - - - Buy
HideIPVPN: $3.33 - $5.99 - - Buy
BolehVPN: $6.67 $7.50 $9.99 $14.80 - Buy
BTGuard: $7.50 - $9.95 - - Buy
Mullvad: - - $5.73 - - Buy
TorrentGuard: $3.25 - $4.99 - - Buy
PrivateVPN: $4.50 - $7.46 - - Buy
SurfEasy:(#1) $3.99 - $4.99 - - Buy
VPN Land*: $8.33 - $10.00 - - Buy
IVPN: $8.33 $13.33 $15.00 - - Buy
Trust.Zone: $3.33 $4.95 $6.99 - - Buy
Boxpn: $2.99 $6.66 $9.99 - - Buy
VikingVPN: $9.99 $11.95 $14.95 - - Buy
TunnelBear: $4.99 - $9.99 - - Buy
GoTrusted: - - $5.99 - - Buy
Easy Hide IP: $3.95 $4.50 $5.95 - - Buy
blackVPN: $9.46 - $10.89 - - Buy
SecurityKISS:(#2) $2.28 $2.86 $3.43 - - Buy
VPN4ALL:(#3) $4.08 - - - - Buy
VPN Unlimited:(#4) $3.33 - $8.99 - - Buy

(#1) SurfEasy's Livetime VPN plan costs $199.00 and is the only other plan they have besides the yearly plan you see in the table. As the name would suggest, this plan is for a lifetime, which means if you stick with it for a while, like 5 years, you'll end up paying $3.32 /month ($199/60 months).

(#2) The prices listed above for SecurityKISS is for their 20 GB /month plan. They also have an unlimited plan but it of course costs more than the monthly prices you see here.

(#3) You should know that this price for VPN4ALL is for their mobile option only, which allows just 5 GB /month. They also have a 50 GB /month plan that costs $7.00 /month when you pay a year up front, and an unlimited plan for $11.83 /month when a full year is paid at once.

(#4) VPN Unlimited has a plan called Infinity that's a one-time fee of $149.99. This means after 10 years of using the service, you would have spent it over 120 months time, which comes out to only $1.25 /month!

How to Read This Table

The prices you see are all in monthly increments to make reading and comparing the prices easier.

As an example, if you purchased Kepard with its monthly payments option, you'd pay $7.00 for each month you keep paying for it. If you paid for Kepard's 1 year plan, you'd be paying a lump sum of $35 at checkout. But since it's for 12 whole months, the monthly equivalent is $2.91 ($35/12).

So in this example, if you were to pay for Kepard's on a month-to-month basis, while you have the benefit of easy cancellation every month, it is a cost savings if you plan on paying for a year. For example, 12 payments of $7 /month is $84, which is around $50 a year that you could save if you went with their yearly option.

This applies to the whole table, whether it be a weekly, 6 month, 1 year, or 2 year price. The entries that have a "-" mean that you can't buy a plan in that span of time with that VPN service. For instance, Kepard does not offer a 2 year payment plan and Astrill VPN can't be purchased on a per-month basis.

Please contact me if you have any questions or see a mistake in this table.

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