Best Free Mobile Financing Apps

Tracking your investments, bills, loans, and other financial-related items can sometimes be a chore. Fortunately, there are numerous free apps out there that you can use on your mobile phone for easy payments, tracking, and monitoring of your accounts.

Below are some examples of my favorite mobile financing apps that are completely free to use, and I'll be adding more as I come across them.

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I'll be adding more than just one soon. Bookmark this page for updates.


Connect your bank account to your Acorns account and your transactions will be rounded to the nearest dollar, the extra change will be extracted from your bank and deposited into Acorns, where it will then be invested for you!

You can only use it from an app (not a computer) but, fortunately, the Acorns app is sufficient for what you need to do with the service. You're able to look at projections to see how much money you'll have deposited over time, and before you know it you'll have invested money without really even seeing it leave your bank account.

Acorns is currently in the process of finishing an Android and Web app, but is only available for iOS devices as of right now.

Get Acorns for iOS

I'll be added more as I see them, but if you are already using an awesome finance app that you think I should add to this list, just tell me about it in the comments or send me a quick email.