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Oct 31, 2013

How To Sync Windows Libraries Across Multiple PCs


Do you find yourself copying pictures, documents, etc. from one computer to a USB drive and then onto another PC? Are you sending yourself emails full of files that you need to transfer? These tasks are inefficient and unnecessary when you’re using BitTorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync can sync files and folders between multiple locations be merely setting up a directly connection. This connection is secure and operable by a secret string of characters. Once configured, the pictures folder of one computer, when changed, will also change the pictures folder of the remote computer, and vice versa.

This is a great way to keep all your documents synced between two computers you often use, but without the need of a cloud service that limits your disk usage.

How To Sync Files & Folders With BitTorrent Sync

Download BitTorrent Sync (1.5 MB)

Upon launch, choose the Add a Sync Folder button to begin.


Begin by selecting one of the folders from the library selection. We’ve chosen Documents to start with.


Then choose the Generate button from the Add Folder window. This will create the unique secret code needed to sync with this folder from another computer.


Do the same thing as above but now with the Music, Pictures, and Videos folder.

Now move to the computer that should be synced up with this one – the second/remote computer.
Choose Add a Sync Folder again, just like from the other computer, but instead of generating a secret code, we’re going to use the ones from above.

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Find the secret code from the folders you associated with BitTorrent Sync by right-clicking the path that was added and choosing Copy Secret. Remember, this is done from the first computer where the key was generated.


This will now be the secret you enter in. If you copy the secret from the first computer that was used for Pictures, ensure you do the exact same for the Pictures folder on the second computer, but, again, enter the secret you copied (don’t generate a new one).

When it has all been completed, the files will be syncing with the other computers that are associated with the shared secret. This means when you remove a document file from one system, the change will reflect on the others and will also be removed.


Without the need for a cloud service like SkyDrive, Dropbox, etc., you can sync as many files and folders between as many PCs as you’re able – all without the restrictions of disk space. The only limitation you have is the space available on the local drives, which is normally ample for most people.


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