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Sep 20, 2013

Send Files Within A Network Without Email Using Filedrop

What system admin desires to have tons of attachments clogging up email servers? I assume none, and therefore suggest users who send lots of files to one another to find a different solution.

Filedrop is a great way to send files to a networked computer without a browser or file/email server. The connections are performed peer to peer without passwords or any authentication at all.

How To Transfer Files With Filedrop

Start by dragging a file into the Filedrop window that you wish to send to the other person. The following prompt will display on the other user’s computer:


The user must click “Accept” for the file transfer to begin. It’s important to note this, as the transfer is not automatic – the button must be clicked.

The transfer will start and the same progress window will show on both computers.


The only customizable option with Filedrop is to change the default download folder. Click the bottom button to change where your default downloads (transfers from other users) end up on your computer.



Filedrop is very easy to use, making it simple for anyone. This is likely the easiest-to-use file transfer program I’ve ever used.

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