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Dec 30, 2013

How To Erase Cookies In Internet Explorer

Read this guide on how to erase cookies in Internet Explorer. You can remove cookies for better privacy or increased browser performance.

What does erasing cookies do?

Erasing cookies in Internet Explorer will sign you out of any website you're currently logged in to. If you log into the same website over and over and have forgotten your password, you may consider not removing the cookies so as not to log you out.

How to erase cookies in Internet Explorer:

With Internet Explorer open, first click the Tools menu and then choose Internet Options.


Under the menu called Browsing history, click the Delete button.


Ensure the option for Cookies is selected and then click the Delete button.


Shortcut to erase cookies in Internet Explorer

There's a keyboard shortcut you can use to open the Delete Browsing History settings page in Internet Explorer.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete is the opens the window from above in Internet Explorer. Then you can select Cookies and website data and then press the Delete button to continue.


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