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Nov 15, 2013

Here’s An RSS Feed For

If you’ve been on the Internet lately, you’ve noticed a popular new service at, which aggregates all the most popular shared URLs on Facebook and Twitter into one page. The top 100 links are shown, and is updated every 15 minutes with fresh content.

You could sit there all day and find new, cool articles or videos to read, or you could simply subscribe to an RSS feed of the content and watch it fill up your feed client.

The following info will pertain to using Thunderbird’s feeds feature, but it should work in other clients as well.

Subscribe To An RSS Feed For

Note that the RSS feed we provide isn't as a regular feed. This is because the guys at RadURLs don't provide a unique ID for each URL entry. This means every duplicate entry that is displayed upon their refresh (every 15 minutes) will display as a new feed item. This can get annoying, but it's there nonetheless.

First, grab the custom RSS feed I made from right here by right-clicking and copying the link.

Then open Thunderbird and navigate to “File > New > Feed Account.”


Name the account, then find it in the left pane. Choose “Manage subscription” from the right pane. Then enter the “Feed URL” address you’ve copied. Click “Add” to add the feed items to Thunderbird.

Now you have all the feeds listed right here!

Choose any entry to get the link to the article.

That’s it! If you need an RSS feed for, just use this custom one I’ve made. I like using feeds in Thunderbird, but any client should work.


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