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Nov 8, 2013

Convert PDF to Word/HTML/Text/Image


UniPDF is super simple to use. There hardly any modifications to be made to the settings, so you can start converting nearly immediately. Convert any PDF file to a DOC, TXT, HTML, or image file.

Download UniPDF (4.2 MB)

Grab a direct download to the executable file here.

How To Convert PDF Files

Step 1: Upon launch, choose “Add” at the bottom of the main page to include a PDF file.


Step 2: Then select an output format. The available formats are Word, Image, Text, and HTML.


Change Default Settings

The Word format will default to a rich text file (.RTF). When converting, the prompt will no ask if you’d like a regular document file (.DOC).

To change the default output format for the Word export, open the “Settings” tab and find the “Word format” section. Change the bubble option to “.DOC”.


The same can be done for the “Image” export. The default format is .JPG, though it can also be changed to .BMP, .TIF, .PNG, .GIF, .PCX, or .TGA.

UniPDF is very simple, with not many options. Admittedly, not many settings are needed, which make the ease-of-use very high. Anyone can learn how to use this in a matter of seconds.