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Sep 22, 2013

Review/Images: BBM For iPhone on iOS 7

BBM for iPhone
As of this writing, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) hasn’t been released in the US. However, there is a workaround one can perform with their iTunes account to trick Apple into thinking you live elsewhere – in a place where the BBM app has been released.

Aside from this trick, the app works just fine with your BlackBerry account and PIN. I’ve been using it for hours without issue. So take a look at how this workaround is performed as well as what the BBM app looks like on the iPhone.

Workaround To Get BBM For iPhone Before Launch In The US

We’ve posted this workaround on our Google Plus page:

The steps are as is and work immediately after changing the region.

Review/Images Of BBM For iPhone

The leftmost menu from the bottom left of the app displays the main menu of Chats, Contacts, Groups, 
Updates, and Invites.


The rightmost menu is where you’ll find the Settings and Group options.


Here are a couple shots of the BBM Settings page. View your BlackBerry ID from this page and select whether to include Music Status Updates.


You can also manage Blocked Contacts and the Chat History from the settings page.


The chat section where the messages appear has a nice white background for the iPhone version of the BMM app. The standard delivered and read markers are present on the messages just like the BlackBerry app.

You can send images, pictures, or a voice note from any message.


While in a message, just open the bottom right menu to invite more contacts to the message or ping the contact. You may also copy the whole BBM chat conversation to the clipboard and then send it via email or other means manually.



Overall, since the I’ve started using this app for the first time, BBM for iPhone seems really nice. I’ve been use WhatsApp for quite some time and although they both have the read receipts and indication when the contact is typing, I do enjoy the clean interface and nice pull out menus. Also, WhatsApp now costs a small fee to use, whereas BBM is free (for now).

BBM has noted they’ll be adding video support in the future, which may certainly pull away the many users from WhatsApp.


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