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Sep 11, 2013

Burn Video Files To A DVD With Freemake Video Converter

It’s one thing to convert video files between different types to play in Windows, but to convert them in a way in which a DVD player can recognize them can get frustrating. Freemake makes this super easy and astonishingly quick with their Video Converter, found here.

This works be loading basically any video file into the program and then saving the resulting converted file as an ISO or burning it straight to the disc. We’ll be looking at the latter option.

Add Video Files

Download the Video Converter to begin. (Here’s a direct link.)


Upon launch, click the “Video” button at the top to load video files. You can also drag and drop files into the program window instead of browsing for them individually.


We’ll work with just one video file but you can add more if desired.

Edit Video Files

Right-click a video file and select “Edit” to bring up the video editor.


Remove clips in the video by selecting the “Start Selection” and “End Selection” buttons. Press the first one and then drag the bar to the right and select the “End Selection” button. Then choose the middle “Cut Selection” button to remove it from the video. Keep doing this as much as needed.


You can also flip a video file with the “Transform” buttons to the right of the “Cutting” buttons. Flip the video horizontally or vertically.


Be sure to press “OK” to save the changes.

Add Subtitles To Video Files

Include a subtitles file from the “No subtitles” button back on the main page.


A prompt will show to select the subtitle file. Search for subtitles here.

Burn Video Files To A Disc

Burning these files are simple with the “to DVD” button at the bottom.


Select a destination from the dropdown menu. To burn directly to the blank DVD, choose the drive the DVD is in. Our example is the “F” drive. You could also choose to “Create ISO” and then burn the file at a later time.



The method we've outlined is likely the easiest way to burn a movie to a DVD. Look around the program and you’ll find you can easily convert to other video files too.