How to Get Free Virtual Burner Debit Cards

Privacy is the name of a company that can create permanent or temporary, virtual debit cards that have predefined spending limits that are set by you. Unlike prepaid cards, however, they aren't loaded with money but instead charge your bank account with each use.

You can pause or delete these virtual cards whenever you like, and they work anywhere that Visa cards are supported, which is basically everywhere online.

The main idea behind this service is to make sure that your payment accounts are not used inappropriately. There's more information that below.

If you decide not use the card, you can easily delete it to make it no longer useful anywhere. This is particularly useful if your card is configured to be used on a monthly or yearly basis. If you don't want to pay for the subscription any longer, just delete the card.

After you make the card, you'll be given the full debit card number, expiration date, and CVV number so that you can use it like any other Visa card.

There are two types of virtual cards you can make with Privacy, and there are specific benefits to both...

Note: Grab the iOS app here and Android app here, but don't forget to use the link above to get a $5 sign on bonus.

Merchant Cards

A Privacy Merchant card is great if you want to make recurring purchases somewhere. For example, you can make a $15 /month Merchant card that you use for a Netflix subscription. After the first use, it will only work with Netflix transactions and will only be able to be charged that fixed amount, each and every month - no more than what you've chosen.

If you ever want to cancel the service but are having difficulties, just delete the card and they won't be able to charge you anything.

Merchant cards can have a spending limit set on a per charge, per month, per year, or per total basis. Just like with the Netflix example, you could set the limit to be $100 per year and anything charged over $100 will be rejected.

If someone steals the card information for a Merchant card, they can't use it anywhere since it's tied to wherever it is that you used it at in the first place.

What this means is that if you were to use the virtual Merchant card for Netflix one month, and then the card information gets stolen, the person can not use the card anywhere but at Netflix. However, if you have a spending cap set (like $15 /month), they couldn't use it even at Netflix since you've already charged it that month.

You're even told when a transaction is declined, so if someone does actually get your card number and their purchase attempt is not allowed because of your limits set on the card, you can just delete the card and make a new one.

Burner Cards

The second virtual card you can build with Privacy is called the Burner card, and is just as it sounds. Much like a burner phone, a burner debit card is meant for a one-time use only, after which the card no longer works and can not be used again.

Just choose a spending limit for the card and you'll get all the information necessary to use it.

Like the Merchant card, you can delete the Burner card any time you want, even if you haven't used it yet.

With the Burner card, any stolen information is useless since the card will not work after it's been used the first time. This means if you use the card at a suspicious website that steals the information, you don't have to worry that they'll get your bank account information or make any unwanted charges.

A Burner card at Privacy is what you want if you're checking out at a weird website that you've never heard of.

Visit Privacy (use this link to get $5 free)

Note: You can use Privacy from their website, through their mobile app, and with the Chrome extension which can auto-insert virtual debit card numbers whenever you need them.