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Driver Robot Review

Driver Robot is a paid program that can update outdated PC drivers. This is a review of Driver Robot in Windows 8.1.

Main features of Driver Robot:

  • Quickly scan for outdated video drivers, printer drivers, USB drivers, and many others you can see below
  • Download all driver updates at once with one download button
  • Export a list of drivers that need updated even without an Internet connection

Driver Robot can update the following drivers: Video drivers, sound card drivers, monitor drivers, wi-fi drivers, Windows system drivers, printer drivers, chipset drivers, Ethernet drivers, USB drivers, FireWire drivers, storage drivers, mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, webcam drivers, and DVD/CD drivers

Cons with Driver Robot: 

  • While installing Driver Robot, you're asked to also change your Internet browser's homepage and search provider. Just uncheck those options during installation to prevent any unwanted changes.
  • There aren't any options for Driver Robot to scan for outdated drivers on a schedule.

How to scan and update drivers with Driver Robot:

Buy Driver Robot (Currently $29.95)

Download Driver Robot (To test it before you buy)

The Driver Scan section to the left of the program window is how you scan drivers for updates. Click the Get Drivers button to begin the scan.


Check the box near any driver to include it in the update process, or keep them all checked to update every driver.

Driver Robot will automatically create a restore point to make it easy to restore back to this point if the driver updates go wrong.

Press the Start button for any driver to begin the driver download. Drivers will download from inside the Driver Robot program, which makes it super simple to get new updates without having to open a webpage.

Side Note: You can start numerous downloads at once so you can get through them quicker.


Press the Install button to begin the install of any driver.

Export drivers with Driver Robot:

If you don't have an Internet connection but still need to find updates for your drivers, you can choose the Exporter section from the left side of the Driver Robot program. You can then export the drivers to a file. Transfer the file to a USB device and then use it on a computer with an Internet connection to download the necessary drivers.

This is tremendously useful if you need a network driver but can't download it because you have not network connection.


I think Driver Robot is a great program, but mainly because of the Exporter feature. Otherwise, the program isn't as user friendly or informative as similar software like Driver Booster PRO.

You can't see the current driver version numbers or even the version numbers of the updated drivers, so it's hard to tell if Driver Robot is actually finding a good match for an update.

Buy Driver Robot

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