AVG Internet Security 2014 Review

AVG is one of the most widely used antivirus program out there - both the paid and free version are popular downloads.

There are plenty of features in AVG Internet Security 2014 that you'll enjoy.

Below is my review of AVG Internet Security 2014. I've included brief details regarding the cost, size, version number, and trial download. Below that is a description of the features you'll get when you buy the program.

AVG Internet Security 2014 Details

Supported operating systems: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Download size: 15.18 MB
Version number: 2014.4355
Current price: $54.99 (USD)
Trial: Yes (choose the 30-Day Trial link)

Update Information

AVG was last updated to version 2014.4355. Here are the most recent changes from the official AVG Release Notes page:

  • Fixed setup issue with AV reinstallation to ZEN.

AVG Internet Security 2014 Features

Below are the best features you'll find in AVG Internet Security 2014. I haven't listed every feature that's included in the program because there are far too many small functions that are rather useless to know.

These are the most notable features in AVG Internet Security 2014:

    AVG Internet Security 2014
  • Antivirus engine helps stop spyware, viruses, and other malicious items
  • Protects links from the web to ensure you don't download software that could potentially cause harm
  • Shred files to help combat data recovery software
  • Password-protect sensitive files with encryption
  • Option to use AVG Internet Security 2014 to scan just individual files and folders instead of an entire drive. This can be done using the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer
  • Built-in firewall to help prevent attacks from the Internet
  • Scan for rootkits to remove the software that sneaks in and tries to hide itself
  • AVG Internet Security 2014 can scan inbound and outbound email to help protect against receiving and sending viruses
  • Updates are performed automatically
  • Threats found on one AVG Internet Security 2014 computer automatically sends the information to other AVG computers to ensure they have up-to-date information on that particular malicious item. This is the Community Protection feature.
  • Protect against spam and other online scams
  • AVG Online Shield checks files that are transferred over IM clients like MSN and Yahoo!
  • Scheduled virus scans can run to find malicious items and tracking cookies on an entire hard drive or even just particular folders. AVG Internet Security 2014 can scan inside archives and automatically disinfect any malicious file
  • Four firewall modes are present: Automatic, Interactive, Block Intenret access, and Disable
  • Helps maximize Internet connection speeds to deliver quicker video streaming when online
  • Free technical support when you purchase AVG Internet Security 2014

AVG Internet Security 2014 Settings

AVG Internet Security 2014 has many, many settings. Among all the options are some particulars that I'd like to point out. You may have missed these settings, but they're useful if you want to get the most out of AVG Internet Security 2014.

Though this first one may not be useful to everyone, others may feel differently. AVG Internet Security 2014 will sometimes pop up windows that tell you to clean this or that and it may get annoying. Open the settings > Appearance > System Tray Notifications > uncheck AVG Advisor notifications.

Personally, I don't like it when AVG Internet Security 2014 makes noises. I prefer a completely silent install, which means the setting that resides in Sounds, called Enable sound events, should be deselected.

If you're running a really fast computer, I suggest opening the setting in Email Protection > Anti-Spam > Performance and sliding the bar over to High-end desktop. This gives AVG Internet Security 2014 more resources to use for scanning.

If you don't know how to block email senders in your email program, AVG Internet Security 2014 can be your replacement. Email Protection > Anti-Spam > Blacklist lets you add email addresses to the block list.

The LinkScanner included in AVG Internet Security 2014 scans links on the Internet. However, only 200 KB files and less are scanned. Change this to allow for larger files. This is in Web Browsing Protection > Online Shield > Expert Setting. Just slide the setting to the right to increase the file size limit (up to 20 MB). Also, click the Check archives option to ensure the LinkScanner knows to scan archive file types too.

Scans > Shell Extension Scan is the setting for using the context menu to scan for malicious items with AVG Internet Security 2014. Find the option for Scan for tracking cookies and select this. If you're using the context menu scanner often, I think it's important to scan for these tracking cookies.

Removal drives are not scanned by AVG Internet Security 2014 by default. Scans > Removable Device Scan is the section in the settings where you should look to enable USB scans.

If you have a small hard drive or little unused space remaining, find the Update > Virus Vault setting to lower the size of the virus vault. This is a vault that keeps found viruses. Move the slider to the left to make it smaller.


Overall, I think AVG Internet Security 2014 is a great antivirus program. The interface, though full of features and settings, isn't confusing in the slightest.

Starting scans is super easy and defining firewall rules is as simple as a few point and click motions.

If I didn't mention something that you'd like me to look at before you decide to order your own copy of AVG Internet Security 2014, please let me know.

If this program just doesn't seem right for you, see my review of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.