PhoneClean Pro Discount & Review

PhoneClean Pro is the professional version of PhoneClean Free. PhoneClean Pro from iMobie can perform a deep clean to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to clean many areas of the device to help improve performance and recover disk space.

v3.1.0 Screenshot

Most Recent PhoneClean Pro Update

  • Supported operating system: Windows 8/7Vista/XP
  • Last updated: February 27th, 2014
  • Current version: 3.4.0 (Previously v3.3.0)
  • Current price: $29.99 (USD)
    • $22.49 if you see the discount information below
  • Purchase link: Buy PhoneClean Pro (lifetime license)
  • Trial available: PhoneClean Demo

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Read on to see my review of PhoneClean Pro for Windows (it can also be purchased for Macs).

New Features in PhoneClean Pro v3.4.0

  • A major upgrade that supports the new iOS 8

What Does PhoneClean Pro Clean?

Many areas of an iOS device can be cleaned with PhoneClean Pro:

  • Clean Active Apps
  • Remove App Caches
  • Delete App Cookies
  • Purge App Crash Logs
  • Delete App Residual Files
  • Remove App Temp Files
  • Delete Browsing History
  • Clear Call History
  • Remove Download Temp Files
  • Clear iOS Discarded Files
  • Clear iOS Notifications
  • Run iOS Tune-up
  • iTunes Radio Caches
  • Messages
  • Clear Photo Caches
  • Delete Safari Caches
  • Delete Safari Cookies
  • Delete Safari History
  • User Storage Files
  • Delete Webmail Caches

PhoneClean Pro Discount Price

I'm currently offering a discount code for the Windows and Mac version of PhoneClean Pro. It's 25% off, which will make the total $23.99.

Click here for the Windows version and discount or here for the Mac version and discount. Contact me if these links don't work.

Important: Any other "buy" or "purchase" link you see on this page will not be a discount. Only the two links in the previous paragraph will include the 25% discount off PhoneClean Pro - the other links are at full price.

How To Scan An iOS Device With PhoneClean Pro

Buy PhoneClean Pro (Windows) (Mac)

The first step is to plug your device into the computer. PhoneClean Pro will automatically detect your device and open a page with different scan options.

Choose the Deep Clean button to ensure PhoneClean Pro can find all the junk files on your device.


PhoneClean Pro cleans many different areas of your device, so you can toggle which areas should be cleaned and which shouldn't.

Note: I recommend keeping every option toggled on so PhoneClean Pro can clean as many junk files as possible.


Now just press the Start Scan button to begin the scan. Results will show as the scan continues.


How To Clean An iOS Device With PhoneClean Pro

When PhoneClean Pro is finished scanning, you'll have the option to remove certain junk files and keep other junk files.

Just uncheck any option so that PhoneClean Pro won't clean that part of your device.


Click the Clean button when you're ready to clean your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


Important: Don't unplug your iOS device while PhoneClean Pro is cleaning. It's important to let the scan finish uninterrupted.


PhoneClean Pro will reboot your device when the scan is finishing. This is normal, so don't unplug your device.


I really enjoyed using PhoneClean Pro. It noticeably cleans more than PhoneClean Free, so maybe the Pro version is something you should try if PhoneClean Free didn't do the job.

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