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Dec 19, 2013

Free Program To Clean iOS Devices

It’s important to clean temporary files off of a mobile device. We normally only do this for a desktop or laptop, but mobile devices can also collect a lot of junk files that should be deleted.

Here is one free program you can use to clean an iPhone, iPod, or iPad for free:

PhoneClean Free by iMobie

PhoneClean Free is the cleaning program from iMobie. PhoneClean can clean an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Cleaning helps recover disk space to allow room for more photos, videos, or apps, while also improving performance and making the device run smoother.

What Does PhoneClean Free Clean?

PhoneClean Free cleans many different areas of an iOS device:

  • App Caches
  • App Temp Files
  • Download Temp Files
  • User Storage Files
  • App Cookies
  • App Crash Logs
  • Photo Caches
  • iTunes Radio Caches and more...

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