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Nov 18, 2013

How To Automatically Tweet Someone Else’s Tweets


If you like a Twitter page so much you find yourself constantly posting their tweets on your own page, an automatic solution would be handy. Using an online RSS service coupled with the automation website Zapier, we can create a method to automatically retweet another user's tweets.

While the Retweet status won’t be activated upon sending these tweets, you can mimic another profile’s tweets by simply subscribing to the profile via RSS and then posting the RSS feed to your own Twitter page.

Let’s take a look at how this is done.

Mimic Another Twitter Profile Automatically

Step 1: Visit RSS it for Me and enter the person’s Twitter account in the main text area.


Step 2: Copy the resulting URL. This example outputs for @Lifehacker’s Twitter page.


Step 3: Visit and choose Make a New Zap.

Step 4: Choose RSS > New Item in Feed and Twitter > Create Tweet for the trigger and action fields.

Step 5: Continue on to verify your own Twitter account will be used for posting the tweets. You may be asked to sign on to Twitter to complete this step.

Step 6: Enter the correct feed URL that pertains to the Twitter page you want to emulate.

Optionally choose custom filters in this step to only tweet posts that are defined here. For example, we could only tweet Lifehacker posts that include the word iPhone if we so choose.

Don’t include a filter to post every single tweet regardless of content.

Step 7: The last step is to compose how the tweet should be formatted.

There are many options here, but for the sake of space on Twitter, we’ll simply include the summary and link of the tweet with a call to Lifehacker’s Twitter page to indicate it came from them.

This means we’ll type via @Lifehacker: and then choose the Insert RSS fields button to the right of this text area to select Summary.

The result looks like this:


Ensure everything is working well by clicking See action sample next to the Twitter icon in Step 6. This is what the tweet will look like when sent.


If everything looks fine, continue to Step 7 to turn the Zap on and make it live.

Now when the other Twitter page posts an update, and Zapier checks the Zap, your own Twitter page will post the same tweet automatically.


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