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Sep 11, 2013

Open Command Prompt On A Remote PC With Usoris Remote Viewer

Remote-Utilities-Usoris-Remote-Command-PromptThe Command Prompt is so useful on our own computers that it’d be even better to administer other PCs on the network with this same method. Maybe you need to flush the DNS or remove more than one file at a time. Instead of going to that computer every time you need to perform these actions and more, simply install Usoris Remote Viewer once and then have access henceforth.

There are many tools in Remote Viewer but we’ll focus on just the “Terminal” option for now.

Usoris Utilities

There are two parts to the “Usoris Utilities” program. One is the “Host” and the other is called the “Viewer.” The host refers to the computer that will be controlled. The viewer is the one viewing, or controlling, the other computer.

Install Usoris Remote Host

The downloaded file will be a ZIP file, so just unzip it with 7-Zip and open the file called “” on any computer you want to remote into. By this, I mean any computer that you want to control with the command prompt, in this example.

Follow through the steps of the install. When you get to the step that looks like this image below, you can keep all of these checked or uncheck the “Install virtual printer” if you wish.


You’ll then be asked to enter a password that the viewer will use to remote into this computer with.


That’s it for the host installation.

Install Usoris Remote Viewer

Now that the host has been configured, the viewer needs a way to access that computer. Choose to open the “rut.viewer” from the downloaded ZIP file.

After install open the program and click the “Help > License Key Storage” menu item.


Click the “Get Free License” button and enter a name and your real e-mail address.


Now your key will be added and you can use the program free of charge for personal use.
Now open “Tools > Scan for RUT hosts.”


Enter your network details that pertain to the IP range and then add the hosts you added in a previous step.


Open A Remote Terminal Window On The Host PC

After authenticating with the computer with the password you entered while installing the host, right-click the computer and choose “Terminal.”


A command prompt/terminal window will show just as if it were on your own computer. Run all the commands you want on this remote computer.



Usoris is great for executing remote commands across the network. If you only have a few computers but you need access to them, this is a surefire way to get things done efficiently and with ease.

Download Usoris Remote Viewer here. (16 MB)


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