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Sep 10, 2013

Free Demo: Clean Temporary Files On An iPhone, iPod, Or iPad

UPDATE (3/29/14): It appears the "free" version is now just a demo of the full version. PhoneClean still works but it's not PhoneClean Free anymore, just PhoneClean Demo. This is too bad because the free version was wonderful.

TIP: Try the PhoneClean Thanksgiving Windows version from 2013 - it seems to be a free version that works without making you upgrade. Use this Dropbox link if the other one from iMobie no longer works.

Below is my review of the once free version of PhoneClean.

A lot of us have used CCleaner for our computers and it works tremendously well. It cleans all the temporary program and system files in Windows. But how do you clean an iPhone, iPod, or iPad? Is there a CCleaner for iOS devices?

Not quite, but there is a program called PhoneClean Demo that does a fantastic job at cleaning up temporary files on an iOS device to make your iPhone, iPod, or iPad faster.

PhoneClean Demo is the free, trial version of PhoneClean Pro.

PhoneClean Demo is a free program that can clean up junk files on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Not only junk files, but also cookies, cache files, and partially downloaded files that are lingering for no purpose.

This can save a lot of space and increase the performance of an iOS device in just a few minutes.

What Does PhoneClean Demo Clean?

PhoneClean Demo cleans many different areas of an iOS device:

  • App Caches
  • App Temp Files
  • Download Temp Files
  • User Storage Files
  • App Cookies
  • App Crash Logs
  • Photo Caches
  • iTunes Radio Caches

Clean more areas of your iOS device with PhoneClean Pro (includes discount code).

How To Scan An iOS Device with PhoneClean Demo

Download PhoneClean for Free (3.9 MB)

The download should start after a few moments. Then install and open PhoneClean Demo to begin.

The first step is to plug your iOS device in your computer. PhoneClean Demo will automatically detect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and open a page with different scan options.

Note: PhoneClean Demo supports running the Quick Clean scan only. Deep Clean is available in PhoneClean Pro.

Choose the Quick Clean option and then toggle each different cleaning section on or off. I recommend keeping every option on to get the most thorough clean PhoneClean offers.

Press Start Scan to begin. Your device will be scanned by PhoneClean Demo while you watch what it finds during the process.

How To Clean An iOS Device with PhoneClean Demo 

When the scan is finished, you can select individual app caches, cookies, temporary files, etc. to keep or to clean.

Uncheck anything you want to keep, or keep everything as is and clean up everything on the device by clicking the Clean button.

That's it! Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is now clean of junk files and other temporary files you no longer need.

Final Thoughts

This is the best free solution I've found for cleaning all iOS devices quickly and very effectively. After my very first cleaning, I noticed a vast improvement in overall speed. The notification center dragged down much smoother and the apps switched quicker while multitasking. I highly recommend this program.

Check out my review of PhoneClean Pro for a greater cleaning experience.

Download PhoneClean Demo (3.9 MB)


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