How To Use The Concatenate Function In Google Docs

Say you have multiple cells each with different data, like from a form, and you want to join the pieces into one cell. Google Docs has a nice little function solely for this purpose and it’s called concatenate.

The word literally means an operation of joining two character strings together, end-to-end.

Read on to find out to use this function with two examples.

How To Use The Concatenate Function


Example 1


For our example we’re going to use Powerball lottery numbers. We’ve extracted the numbers from a website automatically and will now use the contents of each cell to join the numbers and make them look a bit nicer.

We have six sets of numbers with a date to the left and the jackpot price to the right.


This will be our end result, with the numbers separated out my a space all in the same cell.


It’s necessary to use the “Concatenate” function in Google Docs to accomplish this.

=CONCATENATE(B2," ", C2, " ", D2, " ", E2, " ", F2, " ", G2)

Using the above formula, we’ve extracted the contents of each cell, individually, to join them into one in “I2.”


If you don’t want the spaces in the results, just enter the function as this:

=CONCATENATE(B2, C2, D2,  E2,  F2,  G2)

The spaces surrounded by quotes indicate the resulting cell will have space.

Example 2


In this example, we’ll use a set of cells that are a bit more appropriate for most people.
Say we have a day in cell “A18”, a date in “A19”, and a year in “A20.” To join these together, we’ll enter the following function:

=CONCATENATE(A18, " ", A19, " ", A20)


Again, if you don’t want the spaces in the results, just enter the function as this:

=CONCATENATE(A18, A19,  A20)

Learn more about this function here, at Google.